Anthony M. Grandinetie

Follow Our 3-Step Process to Resolving Your Traffic Tickets:

  • Fill out our easy-to-use form.
    Submit your personal and ticket information to us by filling out our Client and Ticket Information Form. Email the form to us at You can also provide us with your information over the phone by calling us at (516) 877-2889. You do not need to contact us prior to submitting your information via email.
  • Conference your case with one of our attorneys.
    After receiving your information, we will call you to discuss your ticket(s), the status of your driver's license, and any documents we may need for court. At this time we will also set a fee depending upon your individual circumstances.
  • Make a payment and we appear in court for you.
    After conferencing your case with you, you will be sent a Client Retainer and Plea Authorization Form. Simply sign the form, return it, and make a payment in one of three ways:
    1. Electronically
    2. By mail
    3. In person