The speed zone cameras that Nassau County has been using to enforce speed limits will not be auto-ticketing drivers for much longer. Nassau announced on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 that use of the cameras would be terminated at an as of yet to be determined date. Even though the decision was announced, it is important to know that pending further notice the cameras are still in effect and will continue to give tickets for the time being.

The school zone camera ticketing operation has raised millions of dollars for Nassau County while simultaneously drawing the ire of residents who are of the opinion that the public safety concern proffered by the County as justification for the program is a poor and thinly veiled excuse to bilk drivers out of their hard earned money.

Since the cameras are still operational and issuing tickets, it is important that you take note as a driver when you are approaching a school zone and reduce your speed accordingly, otherwise you may open your mail to find an unwelcome parcel from the Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency. The speed limit in school zones, unless otherwise posted, is 20MPH. Each infraction carries a $50.00 fine and an additional $30.00 Driver Responsibility Fee, a total of $80.00. The violation does not carry with it any points that will be levied against your license.

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Further legislative proceedings will be required before it will be known exactly when and how the cameras will be phased out of use, but it looks as if their days are numbered.

Bryan A. Zuckerman, Esq.
December 11, 2014